about us

Crafting Dreams, Creating Comfort

Welcome to BreathingTeddy, where innovation meets bedtime bliss! We understand the beautiful chaos that comes with parenthood, and our mission is simple: to bring a touch of tranquility to your family's life.

Our Journey

Founded with love, BreathingTeddy was born out of the desire to redefine bedtime routines for families like yours. As parents ourselves, we recognize the challenges of ensuring a peaceful night's sleep for both little ones and their tired guardians.

Empathy in Every Stitch

Every seam, every animation, and every heartbeat of BreathingTeddy is crafted with empathy. We know the joy of a calm bedtime routine and the struggles of restless nights. That's why we poured our hearts into creating a plush companion that not only mimics the gentle breathing of a sleeping baby teddy but also understands the unique needs of parents.

Innovation and Comfort, Hand in Paw

Our commitment to innovation is fueled by the belief that every parent deserves a helping hand—be it a plush one. The Breath-Sync Technology integrated into BreathingTeddy is a testament to our dedication to creating a high-end, technologically advanced product that simplifies your nightly rituals.

A Nature-Inspired Haven

Inspired by the soothing rhythm of nature, our plush teddy brings the tranquility of a moonlit lagoon to your child's bedroom. We believe that the comforting embrace of BreathingTeddy should not only calm your child but also provide a moment of solace for you, the unsung heroes of bedtime stories and lullabies.

Join Our Family

At BreathingTeddy, we invite you to join our ever-growing family of parents who have discovered the magic of bedtime with a plush touch. Your trust is our greatest reward, and we are committed to delivering comfort, innovation, and a touch of whimsy with every Breathing Teddy we send to your home.

Shop with Confidence

Your family's comfort is at the heart of what we do. Shop with confidence, knowing that BreathingTeddy is not just a product; it's a promise—a promise to make bedtime a little bit easier, a touch more magical, and a lot more peaceful for your family.

Thank you for choosing BreathingTeddy. Here's to sweet dreams, restful nights, and the joy of parenthood!

Warmly, The BreathingTeddy Team